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Warm congratulations to the successful conclusion of the 71st Medical Fair

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2019/01/09 23:23
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 Congratulations to the successful conclusion of the four-day 71st China International Medical Equipment (Spring) Expo.

  The theme of this year's Medical Expo is "Innovative Technology, Smart Leading Healthcare". Groups from 36 provinces and cities, as well as 18 countries from the United States, Germany, Britain and Canada, participated in the exhibition. More than 2,800 companies from 26 countries and regions worldwide At the exhibition, there were more than 600 new products released nationally and globally.

  At the medical expo, many well-known manufacturers gathered, and the booth of Siemens compound operating room attracted unprecedented attention. Shenzhen Huijian Medical Engineering Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the Group, serves as the general agent of Siemens Composite Operating Room in China, and has accepted tens of thousands of Chinese and foreign customers, suppliers and partners. The unprecedented influence of this event marks that the development of compound operating room business in China has reached a new level. It has laid a solid foundation for the Shenzhen Huijian brand to create a leading role in the domestic operating room industry and to create a brilliant future for the development of surgical surgery in China.

  The Shenzhen Medical Expo is the highest platform to show the level of China's medical equipment. In recent years, it has continued to be in Shenzhen. During this period, we have witnessed a qualitative leap in the medical industry in Shenzhen and even the whole country.


                               Picture 1: Spring Fair Site




                                Figure 2: Siemens compound operating room




                              Figure 3: The scene of Siemens compound operating room booth